Located in the artistic heart of Bali, overlooking Ubud’s oldest historical museum of Balinese modern art and 100 meters from the Ubud palace and temple complex, Betelnut offers friendly service, great food and beverages, in a pleasant ambience.

Enjoy watching the daily life of Ubud Village Main St. with strolling pedestrians passing by. Balinese on their way to market, ceremonial processions and cultural activities, are but a few of the colorful array of the streets activities. 

The courtyard at Betelnut offers an outdoor set dining space just off the sidewalk in a garden setting with a canopy of palm trees and organic stone water features and looking out over the historical Balinese museum gate and garden. This open air, covered space is equally enjoyable and functional in the daytime as it is at night. Six long communal organic shaped wood table tables and two relaxed rattan sofa tables set the casual & social like setting. 


Towards the back of the courtyard, is the main entrance to the indoor lounge and performance space.
Adjacent to the lush Mumbal river in a warm and cozy environment, the space is contemporary Balinese design using natural materials in woven bamboo, coconut, roots and recycled woods. Essence of traditional images from a series of early 1900, portray Balinese ritual and sacred, dance and drama. The room is optional to open air and temperature control to fit the seasonal comfort. Traces of a warung vibe with krupuk jars available around the tables offer a casual and relaxed mood.

This indoor space has two levels and features a well designed and equipped stage that is located on the ground floor and visible also from the mezzanine. The stage will house performances and events selected by a team of event curators and can serve as a venue for private or open events.




Located in the in the foothills of south central Bali, in the town of Ubud, Betelnut noodle, satay bar & music lounge has recently opened it doors in October 2011.

Location: Main Street Ubud, across from Puri Lukisan Museum & 100 meters west of Ubud Palace and main temple complex.

Address: betelnut
Ubud Main Street, Ubud, Gianyar 80571
Bali Indonesia

Phone: +62 361 971426 (Hunting)
Fax: +62 361 978359
Email: betelnut@dekco.com
Web Site: www.dekco.com

Seating Capacity: Total dining seats 92 (8 communal dining tables)
Total sofa lounge table seats 96 (6 seats per sofa set)
Total bar stools 15

Seating Areas: COURTYARD:
Sofa seating: 12pax
Dining table seats: 60pax / 6 tables (10pax per table)

Sofa seating: 36pax
Dining table seats: 16pax (1 communal table)
Counter stools: 10pax

Sofa seating: 36pax
Dining tables seats: 16pax (1 communal table)
Counter stools: 5pax

Operating Hours: 10:30 a.m. – late

Cuisine: Casual Asian fair; noodles, satay, Asian salad & desserts.
We are inspired by slow food concept and dedicated to using organic and local products. Vegetarian selections are available on menu. All special requests fulfilled when time allows.

Menu Hours: All Day Menu: 10:30 a.m.– 22:30 p.m.

Beverage, Full Bar,
Wine Cellar, Cigar: 10:30 a.m.– Late

Pricing: Small plate from Rp25.000- to Rp45.000-
Big Plate from Rp45.000- to Rp70.000-
Dessert from Rp25.000- to Rp30.000-
all prices are subject to government tax 5% + service charge 5%

Bank Account Detail:
Account No: 5801379534
Account Name: Anak Agung Gde Ariawan
Bank: Bank Permata Ubud Branch
Swift Code:
Address: Jalan Raya Ubud
Ubud 80571
Bali – Indonesia

Phone No: +62 361 978 050


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