ubud restaurant
P A Y M E N T & B O O K I N G

Groups of ten guests or less can be seated at one table and are welcome to enjoy our à la Carte menu; or a pre-arranged set menu if they wish.

Groups of more than ten guests are to be seated at separate tables, with a maximum always being ten guests at the one table. These groups will have set menus pre-arranged by the travel agent and the management at Betelnut.

Tour leaders are offered a complimentary meal, including soft drink and tea/coffee, for every group of 15 guests visiting our restaurant at the one time. Should the group consist of less than 15 guests, we are able to offer the tour leader a 10% discount on his/her meal.

With regard to the payment policy followed by the management, we regrettably have to inform you that Betelnut cannot extend credit to any third party. Therefore, it is necessary to take care of the payment in full, on or before the day of the actual visit to Betelnut by the guests.

You are welcome to make a bank transfer directly to our account with detail as mentioned below:

: Betelnut
Account No.
: 5801379534
Account Name
: Anak Agung Gde Ariawan
Bank Permata Ubud Branch
Jalan Raya Ubud
Ubud 80571
Bali - Indonesia
Phone No.
: +62 361 978 050

Alternatively, send a signed check, or credit card or in cash. Please feel free to discuss your preferred option with the management at any time convenient to you.

During cancellation at maximum of 3 (three) days prior to the reserved date, we will charge you 30% (thirty percent) of the total down payment you have paid us. However, your down payment is not refundable when you make the cancellation less than 3 days prior to the reserved date.

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For overseas transaction, we accept VISA, Master Card and AMEX. In order to process credit card purchase, we need you to sign an agreement letter and to fax us detail information like passport identification, copies of their credit card, in order to process it to the next step.

Concerning the agreement letter, you must fill in the necessary information where it is blank and sign and date it at the bottom. Then fax it back to us with a copy of their passport, with name and photo, and a copy of their credit card, front & back. These procedures are required by the bank


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