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**spinach, herbs, tofu & soba noodles soya lemon ponzu dressing rp28 rp45
shredded chicken & banana blossom red cherry tomatoes, mint leaves, coriander leaves  rp28 rp45

asian chicken noodle salad wok seared chicken, peanut soya sauce, rice stick noodles, carrots & beans sprouts, wild greens

rp35 rp60
seared beef sirloin salad  with round eggplants, herbs, scallions,  thai dressing rp38 rp65

seared tuna nicoise sambal matah green beans, tomatoes, potatoes, egg, mixed baby greens    

rp38 rp65
wok seared minced pork in baby romanine cherry tomatoes, lemongrass spring onions, coriander rp33 rp55
wok fried “lomie” noodles, jungle sauce chicken & prawns, green beans, fried shallots rp37 rp63

curried chicken noodle soup asian egg noodles, pan seared chicken breast, bok choy, crispy red chili Lombok

rp38 rp65
acehnese seafood laksa snapper, tofu, chili jam & aromatics rp40 rp70
wok fried cellephane noodles chicken breast, bok choy, egg and light oyster sauce rp30 rp50
chicken noodle coconut broth coriander, galangal, tomatoes, bean thread noodles rp33 rp55
**wok fried egg noodles shitake, oyster & button mushrooms, soya and rice wine rp30 rp50
side rice served with satay big plates
minced “lilit” seafood sate lemongrass skewers rp30 rp50
minced duck sate pickled cucumber “acar”      rp35 rp60
**roasted & grilled eggplant & halomi cheese tomato rosemary salsa rp43 rp75
honey & sage pork sate young papaya “spaghetti” salad rp30 rp50

tuna sate trio skewered balinese spiced tuna, pineapple & lombok red chili “acar” pickled vegetables

rp38 rp65
chicken satay “acar” pickled vegetables rp28 rp45
fried cassava “onde onde” doughnuts palm sugar & orange zest, manggo sorbet rp40
crispy wontons with date, lychee and walnuts cardamon cream rp45
mango & sweet custard spring roll sour ginger sauce rp50
caramelized ambon banana & coconut pudding vanilla ice cream rp40
ginger crème brulee brown sugar crust rp35
sweet corn & shredded coconut snack rp25
prices are in thousand rupiahs & are subject to government tax and service charge

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