Penny Berton
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About her design

In Penny Berton's Designs ancient tradition celebrates the divine in nature and the mysterious power of woman.
Penny's fascination with the pagan goddess tradition inspired the evolving collection, which has come to be known as the GIFTS OF THE GODDESS.

Penny brings together symbols from ancient Chinese, Balinese and Western mythologies in unique works of wearable art.
Each piece is hand crafted, along with other ancient techniques, in gold and silver by Balinese craftsman.

The snake symbol of primal energy, is also the emblem of wisdom and healing.
THE LOTUS symbolizes spiritual enligtenment and feminine receptivity.
The SHELL, symbol of the sea, reflects the emotions.
GOLD is the sun creativity, inspiration, initiative the element of fire.
Vines clinging to a branch, coiling serpents, and the whorls of seashells all share a common theme the SPIRAL of the metaphysical energy that nourishes us all.

The symbolic meaning of the designs, the healing of the gemstones and the energy inherent in the silver and gold combine in each piece to convey the spiritual significance traditionally associated with jewelry in ancient time.