Carolyn Tyler
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About His Design

For Carolyn Tyler collecting gemstones is a passion. She favors using "phenomenal" gems (Those that posses special qualities of light reflection and refraction), ancient coins, and South Seas Pearls in her one-of-a-kind creations.

Nature, mythology, art, music, and dance inspire the designs.
Themes from the artifacts of ancient civilitations and tribal are symbolism reflect a background in a archeology and anthropology.
Using goldsmith techniques from antiquity such as granulation, filigree, and repousse, she creates pieces that are evocative of the fabled buried treasures of the Golden Ages past.
The designer's preference the working in 18-24kt gold gives thus jewelry unusual luster, weight and lasting value, making it an excellent heirloom investment.

She favors offbeat stones over more commercial calibrated gems.
She says "I have never been attracted to precision-cut, so called "flawless" stones-they're too sterile, so soul. Tribal people throughout the world choose stones with "flaws" to do their magic-they say that's where the spirit lives. Funny, gems are like people: character, or "spirit" is gained through imperfection, not perfection"