Product Information 18-22kt gold handmade jewelries from Bali.
Gallery Hours
Monday- Saturday 9am- 9:30pm
Sundays 10am- 8:30pm


Main St. Ubud Bali 80571 Indonesia
(Next to Ary’s Warung)
Gallery : 62-361-976-697
Offices : 62-361-978-305
Fax 62-361-978-359
Manager & Curator Tara Murff




Wire Transfer Payment Procedure
We accept US Dollar wire transfers to following bank :

Acct : 2-195-080410
Name : Anak Agung Gede Ariawan
Bank : BII (Bank International Indonesia)
Branch : Ubud, Bali - Indonesia
Address : Jl. Raya Ubud , Ubud - Gianyar Bali 80571 Indonesia
Phone : (62-361)976-595

After you have wired the appropriate funds according your confirmed order, please fax the proof to Treasures Gallery at (62-361) 978359. As soon as the funds are confirmed in above account we will expedite shipping of your purchase.

Credit Card Payment Procedure

In order to process Credit Card Authorization, by Indonesian Banking Regulation, we need to ask three things from our credit card purchasing customers.
1. A copy of the provided S.O.F (signature on file) Agreement Form
2. A copy of photo credit card, front and back
3. A photocopy of your passport

Note all credit card charges are charged in Indonesian Currency, Rupiah.The rate which is used is obtained daily to our merchant bank.

If you have decided to buy something, your confirmation will be sent to us, and we will fax or email to you the copy of the S.O.F. Agreement Form, which will be up-dated according your purchase confirmation. Then just fill in the necessary information about your credit card , sign and fax back to Treasures Gallery head office (62-261) 978-359, together with the copy of credit card and passport.

After we receive the above documents from you will process for authorization. As soon as we receive the authorization from the bank we will expedite the shipping of your purchase.

Currency Exchange Rates

All invoices provide by Treasures Gallery for purchases are stated in Rupiah according the daily Rupiah / USD rate. This rate is obtained by the International Bank Lippo.

We would like to bring to your attention that if you settle your payment by credit card, the amount you are billed by your credit card may differ from the original price value of the merchandise. It could be less it could be more.

This is normal when doing credit card transactions in different currencies.

Indonesian banking regulation dictates that we have to acquire all credit card charges in Rupiah even thought our price values are stated in US Dollars. In order to process these charges we apply a middle exchange rate that is obtained from our bank daily.

Please note that we also receive funds from the credit card companies in Rupiah, again per banking regulations, and make no financial benefits from currency exchange.

Your credit card charges pass through several banks, each perhaps having a slightly different exchange rate, and we cannot predict the amount you may be billed in the currency your credit card was issued. Again it may be a slight difference, could be less or more.

The best way to avoid currency exchange differences is to pay for your purchase in USD. But if you are wire transferring funds bank to bank internationally, you will probably pay a higher fee for transferring then the difference you may receive by credit card payment

We are sorry to bring this complication to your purchasing experience at Treasures Gallery , but feel it is to your benefit to be aware of the situation, as we cannot be made responsible for any funds lost through currency exchange.





All deliveries are handled by Federal Express

Following credit card authorization / or receiving purchase funds by bank to bank transfer, the shipping will be expedited

Estimated Delivery Time

Asia & Australia : 2 working days
USA : 3 working days
Europe :4 working days

Note Federal Express deliveries occurs Monday through Friday, excluding holidays

For all Customs Duties Information please contact the Customs Duty Office, in the Nation you plan to ship your purchase too.


Gold Jewelry & Accessories totaling US $500 and less
the deducation is 2.25 % of TSI (Total sum insured), and minimum US$ 75

Gold Jewelry Accessories totaling US$ 501 and more
The deductible is 5% of TSI (Total sum insured)

Sterling Silver Jewelry & Accessories, all totals
The deductible is 2.25 % of TSI (Total sum insured)


Gold Jewelry & Acessories all
The deductible is 2.25 % of TSI (Total Sum Insured)

Process Claim Loss or Damage

If your parcel has been lost or your merchandise has been damaged please do the following:

1. In the case of your parcel not arriving, or the parcel arrived but the merchandise is damaged upon opening, Report to Federal Express immediately, and no later then 1 week
2. Please Report To Treasures Gallery within one week
3. For formal claim, please prepare 3pcs Letter of Claim, with following information.

1. Air Waybill Number
2. Date executed shipping (as mention on the Air Waybill)
3. Total Value / TSI ( Total Sum Insured)
4. When did you receive the parcel?
5. Did you discover the damage when you open the parcel?
6. What is the damage?
7. What is the value of damage? (Treasures Gallery will be able to asses the damage with a photo provided of damaged merchandise)
8. Copy of Air Waybill
9. Copy of Original Invoice from Treasures
Note* Include a photo of the item

1. Air Waybill Number
2. Date executed shipping (as mentioned on the Air Waybill)
3. Total Value / TSI ( Total Sum Insured )
4. When did you first report to FedEx about your late item delivery

SEND - the letter of Claim to:

1. Your local Federal Express Office
2. Treasures Gallery
3. Mr. Wayan Handita / Berdikari Insurance