gallery overview

Treasures is a Gallery of fine gold designs. Our vision is to present the best work created between Balinese master goldsmiths and international designers.

Currently we are featuring three jewelry designers, artists-in-residence, of Bali- Indonesia, who are successful in bringing their own design inspirations to the master goldsmiths of Bali to create some of the more unique and truly treasurable pieces seen today in Bali.

These collections are drawing on the oldest traditions of metalworking and jewelry making while continually innovative. Everything is handmade, each piece a singular work of art, and therefore guaranteed to be a 'one-of-a-kind'. Each design is a new inspiration, using high karats of gold, fine silver with an array of precious, semi-precious, organic or unusual stones, and rare antiquities such as coins, beads, and amulets from around the world.

The Designers each have their own unique style and personality in their collections, while they seem to share similar influences coming from nature, mythology, the animal kingdom, tribal symbolism, ancient civilizations, cultures and traditions.

Along with our jewelry designers we exhibit for retail a selection of Indonesian antiques