ubud restaurant
arys warung cigar lounge and cocktail
arys warung cigar lounge and cocktail
arys warung cigar lounge and cocktail
arys warung cigar lounge and cocktail
before dinner

hors d’oeuvres rp45/pax - rp80/2pax
medley hot & cold appetizer
aperitif rp80       (1.5oz = 45ml)
campari, martini bianco, pernod,
pimms `no 1, vermouth

spirits rp62         (1.5oz = 45 ml)      absolute, bacardi, bee hive brandy, gordon dry, j&b rare, jim beam, johnny walker red, myer's rum, jameson irish whiskey, jose cuervo, smirnoff, smirnoff orange
cranberry, smirnoff citron

martini rp103
classic, chocolate, lychee, melon, pink, cappuccino, almond

champagne cocktails rp82
bellini, bali bellini, mimosa,
ary’s Flirtini, Ubud Pimm’s Royale

short drinks rp83
black russian, bloody mary, b&b,
capiroska, cosmopolitan, cubalibra, daiquiry, fruit daiquiry, gimlett, gin fizz, harvey wallbanger, kamikazi, margarita,manhattan, mud slide, old fashioned, screwdriver, whisky sour,
white russian, brandy alexander, brave bull

mojito rp86
classic, berry, xtreme, coconut, fidel, wheatgrass mojito

long drinks rp95
bananarama, long island ice tea, mai thai,  planter punch, singapore sling, sea breeze, midori crush, pina colada, zombie

shooters rp72
after eight, bj, fire-eater, slippery nipple, b52

bali cocktail rp45
grape crush, padi punch, capi-arak, arak attack, arak nenas, arak madu

beer rp30 east/ rp40 west
bintang draught, heineken    

fizzy drinks rp25
lemo-lime grass soda, orange squash, lemon squash, virgin mojito,
virgin wheatgrass mojito

juice & mocktail rp30
papaya lemon and vanilla, banana lime and honey, spiced water melon and pineapple, classic avocado and chocolate, melon

soda & water rp20 east/ rp30 west
coca-cola, diet coke, bitter lemon, fanta,  sprite, tonic water

aqua, evian, equil sparkling,

san pellegrino sparkling




prices are in thousand rupiahs & are subject to government tax and service charge

after dinner

premium & malts rp112   (1.5oz = 45 ml)
bombay sapphire gin, chivas regal, jack daniel's, johnny walker black, macallant 12 yrs

cognac rp175         (1.5oz = 45ml)    
hennessy vsop, martel gordon bleu,
remi martin vsop, camus vsop

liqueur rp85         (1.5oz = 45ml)    
amaretto,dom benedictine, baileys, cointreau, drambuie, galliano, grand marnier, kahlua, southern comfort, tia maria, midori, malibu, blue curacao, triple sec, sambuca, creme de cassis, creme de cacao, creme de menthe white, cherry brandy, apricot, peach, lychee

coffee drinks rp76
nero coffe
galliano, coffee, cream
mexican coffee
kahlua, coffee, cream
spanish coffee
tia maria, coffee, cream
baileys coffee
baileys irish, coffee, cream
irish coffee
irish whisky, coffee, cream
french coffee
brandy, coffee, cream
cupak coffee
bali coffee, arak and
cream float


dessert wine rp199/bottle
pino de bali white
pino de bali red


single pot of tea rp20
earl grey
black tea blend, scented with bergamot
for a unique orange flavor
agung black
indonesia finest black
green tea manggo
manggo bits & sunflower petals
after dark
blackberry leaves, balm, peppermint, chamomile, orange,
and rose flowers, lemongrass, and billberry flowers
fruit paradise
hibiscus, rose hip peel, apple bits, elderberries
& citrus peel


coffee rp25
espresso, cappuccino, cafe latte, machiato, iced cappucino, bali coffee, iced bali coffee,
decaf available

coffee luwak rp140/ premium rp235
made from coffee berry beans which have been eaten then passed through digestive tract of Asian Palm Civet. After gathering, thourough washing, sun drying, light roasting and brewing, these beans yeild an aromatic & much less bitter coffee. Widely noted as the most expensive coffee in the world.

cuban cigars
cohiba siglo I
cohiba siglo IV
montecristo no.2 
montecristo no 4
partagas serie D no.4 
romeo y julieta no.1
hoyo de monterrey epicure No.1