All deliveries are handled by Federal Express

Following credit card authorization / or receiving purchase funds by bank to bank transfer, the shipping will be expedited

Estimated Delivery Time

Asia & Australia : 2 working days
USA : 3 working days
Europe :4 working days

Note Federal Express deliveries occurs Monday through Friday, excluding holidays

For all Customs Duties Information please contact the Customs Duty Office, in the Nation you plan to ship your purchase too.



Gold Jewelry & Accessories totaling US $500 and less
the deducation is 2.25 % of TSI (Total sum insured), and minimum US$ 75

Gold Jewelry Accessories totaling US$ 501 and more
The deductible is 5% of TSI (Total sum insured)

Sterling Silver Jewelry & Accessories, all totals
The deductible is 2.25 % of TSI (Total sum insured)


Gold Jewelry & Acessories all
The deductible is 2.25 % of TSI (Total Sum Insured)

Process Claim Loss or Damage

If your parcel has been lost or your merchandise has been damaged please do the following:

1. In the case of your parcel not arriving, or the parcel arrived but the merchandise is damaged upon opening, Report to Federal Express immediately, and no later then 1 week
2. Please Report To Toko East within one week
3. For formal claim, please prepare 3pcs Letter of Claim, with following information.

1. Air Waybill Number
2. Date executed shipping (as mention on the Air Waybill)
3. Total Value / TSI ( Total Sum Insured)
4. When did you receive the parcel?
5. Did you discover the damage when you open the parcel?
6. What is the damage?
7. What is the value of damage? (Toko East will be able to asses the damage with a photo provided of damaged merchandise)
8. Copy of Air Waybill
9. Copy of Original Invoice from Toko East
Note* Include a photo of the item

1. Air Waybill Number
2. Date executed shipping (as mentioned on the Air Waybill)
3. Total Value / TSI ( Total Sum Insured )
4. When did you first report to FedEx about your late item delivery

SEND - the letter of Claim to:

1. Your local Federal Express Office
3. Mr. Wayan Handita / Berdikari Insurance