____________________________________________________________________Special Events
christmas 2003
festive season
christmas menu 2003
24 & 25 december

roasted pumpkin and coconut soup


seared sea scallops.
asparagus, green beans,
tomato, soy sesame vinaigrette.

lobster wonton.
asian greens, soya jus.

roasted goat cheese,
tomato, kemangi terrine.
ginger gelée

sautéed green peppercorn pâté.
green papaya salad.


passion fruit sorbet


sweet potato and pumpkin angoletti.
in spicy roroban sauce.

ginger marinated fried pomfret.
sautéed long beans, vegetable acar.


slow roasted duck "betutu".
plecing fern tips. poached tamarelo.

roasted veal cutlets
wasabi butter, lombok water spinach.

choice of steamed brown or white rice, or creamy potato puree


seasonal berries
layered with coco cream
and crisp puff pastry.

chocolate ginger kahlua cream tort
fresh mango sauce

6 course: rp200++
with 2 glasses of wine: rp260++
prices are in thousand rupiah
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